The world is too big

Clean and renewable energy for a better tomorrow

How it Works

A Hidden Source

About 1 in every 12 American adults are extremely obese, storing high-quantities of underutilized energy

Green Production

With environmentally-friendly incinerators, biodiesel is obtained directly from combustion of obese people

21st Century Tech

Say "goodbye" to solar panels! One 2000 sq ft. Incineration Center can provide clean energy to over 20,000 households


With obesity rates trending higher each year, fat individuals are the ultimate renewable energy source

Experts agree

Over 1200 industry professionals agree that human biodiesel is the future of energy

Human fat, burned under the perfect circumstances, can provide unlimited and sustainable energy to the world
Elon Musk
Entrepreneur & CEO of Tesla Inc.
Do you realize how groundbreaking this is for the planet? We get an endless supply of energy while improving society
Joe Rogan
Philosopher & Commentator
Not everyone needs to be a scientist or engineer. If you're fat, your body alone can be a huge contribution to the planet
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Astrophysicist & Author

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